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Popular Writing

  • Mahalingam, A., Sagar, U, Srilok., Singh, Y and Malladi, T (2021, November 10). Quantifying the long-term environmental impacts of urban and peri-urban agriculture on the British Academy Blog - Read more.

  • Singh, C and Madhaven, M (2021, October 05) Cities are taking climate action. The Hindu - Read More.

  • Sharma, S and Koduganti, M (2021, July 16)  Urban farming - just a hobby or a new sustainable lifestyle choice? - Insights from Bengaluru and Pune. BeejPatra - Read More.

  • Koduganti, M., (2021, June 11). Why the growth of Urban Agriculture during the lockdown is a promising trend? Citizen Matters - Read More.

  • Sharma, S. (2021, June 05). Hidden Gardens of Bengaluru: Reimagining resilience through urban agriculture. Weather.comRead More.

  • Rao, N and Pryor, C. (2021). Reimagining urban food systems after COVID-19 on the British Academy BlogRead More

  • Patil, S., (2020) Building ‘backyards’ better - an approach for urban agriculture in India in The Hans India - Read More.

  • Roy, P., (2020) Produce of the cityRead More

Peer-Reviewed Writing

  • Singh, C., Patil, S., Poonacha, P., Koduganti, M., & Sharma, S. (2021). When the “Field” Moves Online: Reflections on Virtual Data Collection during COVID-19. Ecology, Economy and Society–the INSEE Journal, 4(2), 149-157. 

Writing for Impact

  • Mntambo, B., Rao, N., Swai, O., Pryor, C. (2021). Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture in Tanzania: the need for policy regulation and support. Policy Brief

  • Roy, P and Rao, N. (2021). The Role of Urban Agriculture in India’s Green Building Policy. Policy Brief

Outputs of another kind: Meenakshi Arun's garden produce from her backyard garden in Bengaluru. Photo by Meenakshi.

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